Bit-RVC MPCX47 Beltronic Rugged Vehicle Computer


Beltronic Industrial Technology Fully Rugged Vehicle Computer

  • Bit-RVC MPCX47 is a fully Rugged Vehicle PC with enclosure protection up to IP65. Small in construction, ideally suited for in-vehicle applications, military and industrial environments
  • Noiseless trough passive cooling without a fan
  • Most modern interfaces such as USB V2.0, Firewire, LAN, ISDN, IrDA
  • Universal display with Analog VGA (optional), Digital DVI & LVDS and SVideo (TV)
  • IP65 sealed Aluminium case prevent the units infiltration from rain and dust
  • Top quality components and a robust aluminium case ensure reliable functioning
  • Systems are available for at least 5 years without changes and function compatible components are deliverable for 5 more years
  • Very small dimensions and a weight of max. 3.2 kg

The Bit-RVC MPCX47has been specially developed for use in the automotive and industrial environments. It is one of the smallest industrial computers, with dimensions of only 160 X 300 X 66 mm and weighing less than 3.2 kg. Bit-RVC X47 is able to meet the demands of the modern PC technology on each environmental condition. Thanks to the passive cooling concept, the use of fans are avoided, noise generation is therefore greatly reduced (<25dB). The CE-certified device has an operating temperature range of -40°C to + 75°C (with 600 MHz CPU, without optical drive and preheated option).

The Bit-RVC MPCX47includes all PC standard functions and in addition offers numerous interfaces to run Dual Screen, GPRS, GPS, WlLAN, Bluetooth etc. He is powered by nominal input 10-24 VDC, max 8 to 30 VDC. Thanks to its optimised dimensions and the modular design allows to realize customized solutions by additional interfaces, expansion cards, drives, etc. Extremely low weight and high functionality, the Bit-RVC MPCX47is ideally suited to use in vehicles, ships, trains, aeroplanes, outdoors, multimedia etc.


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